Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Be cautious if you use a credit card. This country’s largest bank is forcibly taking funds from clients’ accounts

A fraud instance involving HDFC Bank has surfaced, in which the bank allegedly took Rs 56763 from a customer’s account in the guise of a credit card loan. Despite the fact that the customer had not applied for a debit card.

HDFC, one of the country’s largest and most reputable banks, is making a lot of news these days. Another disturbing piece of information regarding this private bank, which was previously in the headlines due to the arrest of many workers on fraud charges, has surfaced. According to sources, HDFC Bank made an unlawful withdrawal of Rs 56,763 from a customer’s account to cover a purported debt on a credit card that was never requested nor used.

Receiving a credit card without applying

This is a case from HDFC’s Gurugram branch. A credit card was issued to a customer (name withheld) by the bank, but the consumer never used it. In 2015-16, the bank began charging Rs 14,500 on the card. Even though the consumer had never applied for this card, he received it and had never used it. When the consumer enquired about this, he claims he received no response.

Even after destroying the credit card, statements continued to arrive.

The customer then contacted the branch manager about the situation. He was told to destroy the card and send it to the headquarters in Chennai. This was done while the customer was sitting in front of the branch manager. Nonetheless, he continued to receive credit card statements after this. Disturbed, he began sending emails to the bank’s then-chairman, Aditya Puri. Despite the fact that these mails were approved, the situation remained unresolved.

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Money from a credit card bill is taken from the policy’s total.

In 2021, the bank began pressuring the consumer again, and he was summoned for a credit card bill. The bank even sent the consumer a legal letter for this. According to reports, the customer also had a regular life insurance policy with HDFC, which the bank used to withdraw Rs 56,763 from the customer’s account as a credit card bill when it matured.

The customer was still being harassed by the bank.

Let us point you that, according to RBI regulation, the bank is not permitted to deduct funds from the savings account in order to repay the loan. This loan is not the same as a savings account because it is secured by a credit card. Worse, the customer was issued a canceled check from Kotak Mahindra Bank to repay the amount, but HDFC Life continued to delay the settlement, claiming that it had not received the mail. Simultaneously, despite your repeated pleadings, if you deposited money in this account, that money vanished as well.

Harassed the customer in an illegal manner

The Bank has not provided the Customer with any transaction data or a Cash Memo that was really issued by the Bank Customer. The customer does not have any documentation to show that the credit card was applied for or used by the consumer. At the same time, despite the fact that the problem was in Gurugram, all action was handled from the Chennai office for no apparent reason. Apart from that, the credit card is not visible on the HDFC platform, and no data is accessible to refute the claim. The refusal of the bank to provide clarification in the subject, as well as the abrupt decision to debit the savings account with a large sum, is a scam that affects lakhs of clients every day.



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