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It is required to light 14 diyas tonight on Narak Chaturdashi 2021; do you know why we do this on Choti Diwali?

There is a practise of lighting several lights and arranging them in every corner of the home on the day of Narak Chaturdashi. If these lamps are placed in the locations described in religion and astrology, all life’s difficulties will be resolved.

On the second day of the Deepotsav festival, Narak Chaudas is observed. It’s also known as Chhoti Diwali. A person can avoid going to hell by doing some special work on this day. Narak Chaudas is also known as Roop Chaudash because on this day, ladies bathe and apply make-up using garbage.

On the day of NarakChaudas, it is customary to light diyas. It is believed that lighting diyas on this day will bring all of life’s sorrows and tribulations to an end. Special areas have also been suggested in religion and astrology for keeping these lamps in the house. There is a lot of value if lighting are kept in these parts of the house on this day.

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Keep diyas in certain spots throughout the house.

On Choti Diwali, five diyas are generally lit: one for the place of worship, one for the kitchen, one for the drinking water, one for the peepal tree, and one for the front door (place a four-faced lamp here). However, lighting 14 diyas on this day is exceedingly fortunate and brings an end to life’s miseries and difficulties. Please let us know where this 14 diyas should be maintained.

1. Only keep a lamp outside the house’s main door in the evening.

2. Keep a lamp in a derelict shrine for debt alleviation.

3. In front of MaaLakshmi, place a lamp.

4. Put a lamp underneath the Tulsi coat.

5. Position a lamp beneath the Peepaltree.

6. Light a lamp and place it in a nearby temple.

7. Put a lamp near where the waste is stored in the residence.

8. In the house’s bathroom, place a lamp near the drainage area.

9: Hang a lamp from the house’s roof in any corner.

10. Turn on a light in the kitchen.

11. Place a lamp near the house’s primary window.

12. Place a lamp on the house’s stairwell or in the Brahma shrine in the centre.

13. Place a lantern near the drinking water source.

14. Keep a mustard oil candle near the waste heap in the south direction before going to bed.



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