Monday, May 23, 2022

Now the feature of Airbag will also be available in two-wheelers

Now soon two-wheelers will also get the feature of AirBag. Piaggio Auto Company is working on providing airbag features in scooters and bikes for the safety of two-wheeler drivers.

You must have seen the driver’s helmet in a racing car, but have you ever wondered how it would be if two-wheelers also have the facility of airbags. In fact, every year lakhs of people lose their lives in road accidents, in such a situation, the concept of airbags was brought in mind for the safety of the people, which was a successful attempt on cars. Now there is a plan to use this experiment on two-wheelers as well. 

Crash test completed

In fact, Piaggio and Autoliv have joined hands on airbags for two-wheelers. Both the companies had recently announced that they are now working together to make airbags for two-wheelers. In fact, Autoliv has already created an initial concept of the security feature through advanced simulation tools. Whose full-scale crash test has also been done. Whereas now with the Piaggio Group, Autoliv will try to develop this product further and is expected to introduce it in the market in the future. 

Airbag will open in seconds

According to the report, both the companies are working together on this technology. The airbag will be mounted on the frame of the two-wheeler. In case of an accident, this airbag will open within seconds and its occupants will get a lot of safety from it.

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Project will be completed by 2030

Mikael Bratt, CEO, and President, Autoliv, said, “The Autoliv company is committed to saving more lives and providing global label lifesaving solutions to society. Therefore, we are developing products that specifically protect vulnerable road users. Creating airbags for two-wheelers is an important step towards our goal of saving 100,000 lives a year by 2030.

It is worth noting that modern scooters and bikes are already equipped with many safety features like ABS, after which the addition of airbags will now strengthen the safety of the riders on the road.



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