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Spend less than 5000 Rupees to visit this gorgeous location during the warm winter months

We know you’re planning a trip in November, so we’ll tell you where to go and how much everything will cost.

Winter has arrived. Going to a Hill Station in the Winter is a completely different experience. Today, we’re going to tell you about some of the most beautiful areas in the country where you can get your work done for a low price. Yes, you can organize a trip for less than 5,000 rupees. You should be aware of where those locations are.


Ranikhet, in Uttarakhand, is a highland station where you may enjoy stunning views even from the road. Ranikhet is also known as the ‘Queen of Hills’ because of its stunning beauty. Camping and trekking are both available here. Many sights in Ranikhet may be visited in 3 to 4 days, including Majkhali, Chaubatia Garden, and Jhul Devi Temple. The golf course where Raja Hindustani was filmed is also a stunning location.


Whether you enjoy watching waterfalls or trekking, Mussoorie has something for everyone. Visit sites like Kempty Fall, Dhanaulti, and Gun Hill Point to have a good time. There is also a shopping center road where you can get many various types of local items. The motels in this area are quite inexpensive.

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You can visit Kasauli to take advantage of the Kasauli weekend. Taking the Kasauli train will be more expensive. Not only that, but hotels here start at one thousand rupees. It’s a lot of fun to enjoy the cold weather in Kasauli’s valleys.


Rishikesh, known for its rafting, can provide you with exciting activities. You can not only take a plunge in the Ganges, but religious activities such as Ghat worship and Ghats will fascinate you. For as little as 200 rupees, you may easily get a room in the ashram. You can travel here in luxury in your automobile.


Lansdowne is a serene and lovely location. If you want to unwind, there is no better place to go than Lansdowne. It is possible to get here by bus or train. The accommodations are also reasonably priced. You will make the proper decision to come here if you go to the top vantage point in Lansdowne.



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