Saturday, April 1, 2023

The air hostess resting on the hotel bed saw something unexpected and got shocked

Due to the vigilance of an air hostess, something wrong with her was saved. A secret camera was installed in the hotel room where the woman was staying. While resting, as soon as the woman’s eyes went on the red light, she became alert. When he looked closely, he found that it was a camera.

Kuala Lumpur: A Malaysian Airlines Air Hostess was stunned when she saw a secret camera in her hotel room. The woman was resting on the bed after reaching the room when her eyes went to the hidden camera. After this, the air hostess immediately called the police and lodged a complaint. The air hostess has told about this incident with her on social media.

Incident in a Korean hotel 

According to the report of the local news website TRP, this incident is from South Korea. A woman working in Malaysian Airlines was staying in a hotel here. The name of the victim air hostess is being told as Alisa. This woman has also shared the entire incident on her Tiktok account. The air hostess told that when she went to bed with the lights off, she saw the camera.

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This is how the address of the camera went

The air hostess said, ‘When I went to bed, there was some light from the AC in front. After looking carefully, I found that there is a hidden camera in it. I immediately made a video of him and after this, along with calling the hoteliers, informed the police as well. When the hotel staff opened the AC, there was actually a camera.

Hotel said – a mistake has been made

Taking action against the hoteliers, the woman has registered a case. However, the hotel management says that the entire matter will be investigated. Maybe it happened by mistake. The air hostess told on her social media account that at first, she thought that some part of the AC was glowing, but the red light coming from inside is constantly burning out. Which he found a bit strange and when he looked carefully, the camera came out there.



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