Monday, May 23, 2022

What good fortune! Previously, he had won a lottery prize of 76 lakhs; now, he has won a jackpot worth many crores

A person’s fate in America aided him in such a way that his entire life was altered. He won a lottery of Rs 76 lakh a few years ago and now has won a prize of Rs 7.6 crore. People are just saying, ‘If you have luck,’ after hearing this news.

‘Whenever the individual gives, the person living in America will tear the roof down,’ a person in America must have been humming these days. This is because he has won a large sum of money for the second time. Alvin Copeland, a Suffolk, Virginia resident, has won the $1 million jackpot (Rs 7.6 crore). He had previously won a lottery worth Rs 76 lakh in 2002. That is, his luck flashed twice in such a way that his entire life was turned upside down.

Will use the winnings to help out the family

Alvin Copeland told local reporters that he bet on the same numbers he typically chose after purchasing Cash4Life tickets from a 7-Eleven outlet in Suffolk. He realised that the five numbers he had guessed for the December 4 draw, 8-11-25-45-48, were correct after purchasing the ticket. In this way, his good fortune aided him for the second time. Copeland stated that the money would be spent on his family.

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‘I had no concept how lucky I was.’

‘This is not the first time that my luck has blessed me; in 2002, I won Rs 76 lakh,’ Alvin added, expressing his joy. I had purchased a two-dollar ticket at the time. I had no notion at the moment that my luck would work out and that I would win the lotto. Simultaneously, many people are taken aback by the fact that the same person has won the lottery twice. People are also congratulating him on his good fortune.

Here, too, fortune shines.

By the way, the ambulance driver in India has also been blessed with good fortune. Sheikh Hira, a West Bengal ambulance driver, had purchased a lottery ticket worth Rs 270 in the morning. When his results arrived in the afternoon, it was discovered that he had won the Rs 1 crore jackpot. Shaikh expressed his joy by saying that he will now get his ailing mother treated at a reputed hospital and construct a wonderful home to live in.



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