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After all, who was it that razed this Bihar education temple and covered it with dirt?

Vikramshila University is a university in Vikramshila, India. Bhagalpur: Kahalgaon is a tiny town on the Ganges River, about 38 kilometers east of Bhagalpur, Bihar. A community is located a short distance from Antichak. The ruins of Vikramshila University may be seen here.

In ancient Bihar, there were two large temples dedicated to education. Nalanda University is one, and Vikramshila University is the other. Both residential universities were formerly among the world’s most prestigious educational institutions. Almost everyone knows about Nalanda University and how Aatatai Bakhtiyar Khilji wrecked this sanctuary of learning, but do you know who ruined Vikramshila University? If not, we’ll inform you about it today.

Where are the ruins of Vikramshila University, which are located around 38 kilometers east of Bhagalpur, Bihar? Kahalgaon is a tiny settlement along the Ganges River. A community is located a short distance from Antichak. The ruins of Vikramshila University may be seen here. On the one hand, this area along the Ganges is recognized as Dolphin Sanctuary, and on the other side, the neighbouring Bateshwar Dham is known as Bihar’s Kashi. Tourists continue to flock here in considerable numbers to witness the ruins of Vikramshila University, one of the world’s five oldest universities.

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Who started it all?

Vikramshila University is a university in Vikramshila, India. King Dharmapala of the Pala dynasty is claimed to have created Vikramshila University in the later years of the eighth century or the beginning of the ninth century. It is also believed that this center of instruction continued to awaken the light of education for approximately 400 years before being destroyed at the beginning of the 13th century. According to legend, King Dharmapala was given the title of ‘Vikramsheel,’ and as a result, this university was given the name ‘Vikramshila.’

Nalanda’s instructors used to attend this university as well. It is also claimed that Nalanda professors and Nalanda teachers used to come here to educate the pupils at Vikramshila University. It was a boarding school. Thousands of lecturers and an estimated 10,000 pupils used to learn and study at Vikramshila University, according to legend. Both Nalanda and Vikramshila universities were founded during the Pala dynasty’s reign, and both were world-renowned for their educational institutions.

This educational temple spanned more than 100 acres. Vikramshila University was supposed to be stretched out over more than 100 acres of land. There were houses for students and professors, as well as bathrooms, kitchens for eating and drinking, study rooms, libraries, and numerous meditation centers. The remnants of this university were discovered after the excavation of this site in 1960, and a substantial portion of it is still buried in the dirt today.



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