Sunday, May 22, 2022

Telegram users beware! Hackers played a dangerous trick to make Frauds, Know-how!

After WhatsApp and other social media apps, new reports are now exposing the risk of fake Telegram downloads. Hackers are now trapping users with fake Telegram apps. 

The cases of online fraud are increasing rapidly after the corona epidemic. Hackers are trying new tricks to clear people’s accounts. By hacking the apps, hackers enter your device and empty the bank account. There were many such cases last year as well. After WhatsApp and other social media apps, new reports are now exposing the risk of fake Telegram downloads. Hackers are now trapping users with fake Telegram app. 

Fake Telegram App is present on the Internet

It has been reported that there are fake Telegram apps available on the internet and those who downloaded them have suffered the loss of data and much more. So, if you download Telegram, make sure it is from a genuine source otherwise your device can be hacked.

Hackers can easily enter the device

Cyber ​​security researchers reported that fake Telegram apps are becoming a major threat to users as they easily bypass antivirus systems. Hackers are transferring Purple Fox malware via fake Telegram, as reported by Minerva Labs, founded in 2014 by former officials of the Israeli Defense Forces.

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Duplicate installers of the Telegram app are being widely circulated on the Internet. In this, Windows-based ‘Purple Fox’ malware is hidden which compromises the users’ systems. Minerva reported that a large number of malicious installers have been found to distribute the ‘Purple Fox’ rootkit version using the same attack sequence. This malware is either delivered via email or downloaded from phishing websites.

You will be pauped by becoming a folder in the phone

He mentions that the fake Telegram app installer has a compiled AutoIt (a freeware BASIC-like scripting language) script called “Telegram Desktop.exe”. This is the first phase of the attack after which a new folder named “TextInputh” is created and a legitimate Telegram installer and a malicious downloader are removed. The portal explained that malware infects a system through a series of files that work together. 

Do not click on suspicious links

These attacks on devices can run effectively without being detected. Users are advised to download the Telegram app only from legitimate sources like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. They should avoid apps with suspicious links from any other website or APK versions of apps.



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