Sunday, May 22, 2022

New Side effect of Corona has been found, No one would have thought of it.

The claim made by a person regarding the after-effects of Corona is very shocking and his doctors say that this problem will always remain. 

Washington: Almost everyone is familiar with the different symptoms and effects of Corona. For the last two years, so much has been seen or heard about it that most of the things have fit well in the mind. But the claim made by a person living in America about Corona is very strange and shocking.

‘Found to be suffering from Erectile Dysfunction

According to the report of ‘Mirror’, while narrating his agony on the podcast, this man has claimed that his private part became smaller after corona got infected. The man said, ‘I am 30 years old. I got corona infected in July last year. After the treatment, when I was discharged from the hospital, I found that my private part has become smaller than before. After recovering from corona, I had erectile dysfunction, which was cured by some medicines but this new problem has arisen.

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Can this really happen? 

The person further said that the size of my private part was normal before getting infected, but now this part has shrunk a bit compared to before. This is probably due to Vascular Damage and my doctors say that this problem will remain forever. At the same time, speaking on the podcast, US urologist Ashley Winter MD said that it is true that due to erectile dysfunction, the private part becomes smaller. He said, ‘In erectile dysfunction, you face a condition when the private part does not stretch itself. In fact, when a person is excited, his brain sends a signal to the nerves of his private part to increase the flow of blood there, but when this does not happen, it cannot be stretched and as a result, the private remains small.

Affects Blood Flow

The case of this American man is a kind of proof that the coronavirus can reach the bloodstream of the infected person’s private part. Dr. Winter says that this is a rare COVID symptom, which can affect the blood flow to the private part, which can later lead to erectile dysfunction. Dr. Winter, citing a study by a urologist, said that two men who had fully recovered from the virus were found to have traces of the virus in their private parts, which affected their private lives. Later he had to undergo Implant Surgeries.



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