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Omicron vs. Delta vs. Beta: Confused about the differences in symptoms of new and old corona variants? Two charts will help

Doctors all throughout the world began to recognize the differences between the new and old versions just a few days after the third wave of corona began. Patients at Omicron reported flu-like symptoms rather than the loss of smell and taste that was frequent in Delta infections. Dry cough and fever were the most common symptoms in prior Corona strains.

Every day, thousands of corona patients in the United Kingdom use the ZOE Covid Study App to record their symptoms. The symptoms of prior corona variations, such as alpha and beta, were matched to the symptoms of Delta and Omicron by the scientists behind the app. When this data was analyzed, it was discovered that the virus’s symptoms are changing at the same time that it is mutating.

Let us see how the symptoms of Omicron differ from those of the preceding Corona variants in the chart below.

Omicron’s symptoms are similar to those of a cold, according to Dr. Claire Steves, who is working with the app. This is especially noticeable in people who have received both vaccine doses. Despite the fact that this data comes from persons in the United Kingdom, the pattern of corona symptoms is comparable in other nations.

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Let’s have a look at the symptoms that Omicron patients suffer.

Sore throat is the most common symptom of Omicron, and the delta wave has an odour is common

According to Dr. George Moreno, the first sign of Omicron is a painful throat and itching. This is also the most common sign of infection. Cold, headache, and muscle pain begin two days after these symptoms arise in the body. According to Moreno, dry cough was the most common symptom of the corona at the start of the epidemic. This ailment is still present, although its severity has substantially lessened. He feels that the patients’ respiratory difficulties are lessening as their immunity is strengthened by vaccination.

According to the ZOE Covid Study App, most patients had a loss of smell during their Delta illness. Around 60% of participants aged 16 to 65 registered the symptom on the ZOE app in March 2021, when the delta variation was not confirmed in the UK.

What is causing the symptoms of the corona to change?

Even scientists are baffled as to why the symptoms of corona are changing so rapidly. According to some specialists, the symptoms of corona are growing milder as a result of widespread immunisation. However, due to its mutations, some researchers believe Omicron is already moderate.

Scientists have discovered that Omicron is less harmful than other corona types in two recent studies. When compared to Delta, Omicron patients have a 25% lower chance of hospitalisation and mortality.

The reason for the modest symptoms, according to Dr. Moreno, is the vaccine’s increased immunity. Patients who have not been vaccinated are said to suffer more during infection than those who have been immunized. People used to get sick for 10-14 days before getting the vaccination, but now they only get sick for 5-7 days after getting it.



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