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Vastu Tips for Money: Bet! You will not know this thing related to the grain of birds, every problem is far away

Vastu Tips : Happiness and prosperity are very important for a good life, but sometimes every attempt to get these two things fails. In such a situation, some remedies mentioned in Vastu Shastra can help a lot.

Vastu Tips For Money: If there is no happiness and prosperity in the family then life becomes painful. Many times, despite all the activities and efforts, a person is not able to succeed in his objective. By taking some measures for this, God is pleased and gives benefits. Let us know about some such remedies.

For the fulfillment of your wishes, new shiny clothes should be offered in the Goddess temple on Friday. Apart from this, offerings can be made to the Goddess by wearing high-quality clothes. By this, the grace of Bhagwati is obtained.

One should offer bhog to God while worshiping daily at home. Wishes are fulfilled by offering sweet things.

In the morning, arrangements should be made for the food and drink of the birds and by feeding them with their hands, they eat the sufferings of life with food. By doing this, happiness, peace, and prosperity remain in the family.

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The first roti should be taken out for the cow. It is not that you have to give only one roti. If you want to feed 11 loaves to the cow, then just keep in mind that all the loaves are started, that is, make rotis for the house only after making as many rotis as you want to feed the cow.

No member of the household should ever eat the last roti. The last bread for the dogs should be thrown out.

Offering honey and sugar candy to Shivling removes the financial problems of life. After offering sweets on Shivling, worshiping by applying perfume also brings happiness and prosperity in life.

Offer five red flowers to Hanuman Ji daily and express your wish in front of him, then come back after bowing to him. The wish will surely be fulfilled.

For health benefits, the bread of barley flour should be fed seven times to dogs. Keep in mind that this roti is not to be fed to the cow. By praying to God while doing this remedy, the patient gets well soon and gets a quick recovery.

After worshiping the coconut, wrap it in a red cloth and install it at the shop or business place. Also, keep a pure Shri Yantra of crystal. If this remedy is done with full devotion, then by the grace of God, there is a quadruple increase in wealth day and night.

To avoid loss of money, the main gate should be worshipped. Gulal should be sprinkled in the corner of the main door. Apart from this, the worship lamp of ghee must be lit while doing it in the evening. While lighting the lamp, pray for protection from loss of money.



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