Monday, June 27, 2022

Covid booster dose has stronger side effects but that may be a good sign

The new study finds that booster shots, known in India as “precautionary doses,” have more side effects than the initial dose.

At a time when the world is turning to booster shots to defend against Covid infections, a new study has found that booster shots, known in India as “precautionary doses”, compared with the initial dose. Has more side effects.

The study, published by JAMA Network Open, a medical journal released by the American Medical Association, states that the side effects of a booster dose can be so strong that it significantly weakens the body.

1. Why is a booster dose important?

Kovid vaccines have proved to be very effective in saving people from death and serious illness. However, after a few months, their effect starts to wear off. This is why doctors, health experts, and governments around the world have recommended booster shots.

The side effects, though strong, are a positive sign that the vaccine is working on our immune system, says the JAMA Network Open Study.

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2. The Science Behind the Side-Effects

Once the vaccine enters the body, our defense system reacts to it and starts producing antibodies. The side effects of a booster dose may be stronger because of the pathogens it contains. But it also means that the vaccine is actually working.

The symptoms of a booster dose are similar to those of covid. This is because our body is trying to build immunity against disease. However, the absence of side effects does not necessarily mean that it is a poor indicator of immunogenic response.

3. How to avoid the side effects of booster dose?

Consider eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep to reduce the side effects of the vaccine. Yoga or other types of physical activity also help. Doctors have also advised people to abstain from smoking, alcohol, and junk food after the booster dose.

In case of pain or any discomfort after vaccination, one should avoid taking over-the-counter medicines as it can lead to severe allergic reactions, and consult a doctor instead.



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