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What is Hybrid Immunity, which scientists consider to be the perfect weapon against Corona, know how it is achieved?

The world has been battling an epidemic for the last two years due to Coronavirus. Millions of people around the world have been infected by this virus. Now in a new study, scientists are claiming that hybrid immunity can prove to be effective in overcoming the corona epidemic in the future. Know what is this?

The world has been facing the coronavirus epidemic for almost two years. Despite multiple doses of vaccine, neither the infection is stopping, nor the mutation of new forms of the virus is stopping, nor is medical science in a position to say anything concrete about when you will be infected with this virus. Will you be able to get rid? In such a situation, scientists have now described hybrid immunity as a surefire weapon against corona.

Many things have come to the fore in the new study, which can give a big clue in the direction of prevention from the corona. With this, it can be found out on which people the coronavirus is less effective and which people have more ability to fight the coronavirus. What is the role of immunity in the prevention of corona and which health factors will prove to be more helpful in the fight against corona in the future?

What is Hybrid Immunity?
Hybrid immunity is the immunity within the body that arises inside the body due to virus infection or herd immunity and the effect of both after taking the vaccine. Scientists say that crores of people in the world have either been infected with this virus or have developed herd immunity and in such a situation, hybrid immunity can prove to be effective in protecting a large number of people from infection in the future. Is.

Actually, the experience of science says that whenever we are infected with a virus, antibodies are produced in the body, which later detects and stops such virus at the time of the attack. This ability in the body is called immunity. Vaccines also work in a similar way. The corona vaccine is also made from the virus-cell itself so that it can make antibodies in the body, which can prove to be effective in preventing similar virus attacks in the future. Millions of people in the world have got the corona vaccine, that is, crores of people have got immunity from virus infection in a way.

Know what is Hybrid Immunity

Will humans be completely safe from this virus?
However, it is not that a person cannot get infected with the virus after getting vaccinated or getting infected before being infected, but if the next time he gets infected because of immunity then the effect will definitely be less. Experts believe that many of these people may be re-infected, but the lethal effect of the vaccine on them will be minimal. Scientists explain the effect of this factor behind the third and fourth waves of corona being less lethal.

Why is this study important in the war with Corona?
According to the report of the International Vaccine Alliance, Gavi, a recent study found that the person who received the vaccine had 17 times more antibodies than the antibodies produced in the body after corona infection. The same study also found that antibodies produced by the vaccine were more effective in blocking the entry of viral factors into the body’s cells. It also affects many parts of the body. But the T-cell in the body, which is very important in eliminating the viral load from the body, is in a better position in the body of an already infected person. This T-cell recognizes the virus upon entry into the body and instructs antibodies to protect against them.

A study that lasted several months on several infected patients found that those who were vaccinated were 5 to 20 times less likely to get re-infected. But in the case of antibody generation, a similar situation was found between the infected person and the person receiving the vaccine. Now that a large number of people are also taking the vaccine and a large number of people have also been infected, whose body has developed herd immunity along with the vaccine, scientists name this condition hybrid immunity. , That is people whose body has developed antibodies in both ways. The body of such people has the ability to prevent infection or defeat it quickly in case of infection.

Vaccine is most effective to avoid corona

How is hybrid immunity more effective?
Several recent studies have shown that hybrid immunity is more effective than antibodies created by infection or vaccination alone. One study found that a person who became infected and received a single dose of the vaccine was 58 percent less likely to re-infection than people who developed natural immunity. Is. Whereas people with two-dose hybrid immunity have a 66% lower chance of re-infection.

most effective to avoid corona

A study conducted in India found that single-dose vaccines plus natural immunity-generated antibodies provide the best protection against corona. Similarly, a study conducted in Israel also found that the effect of hybrid immunity is much greater than that of a two-dose vaccine alone or natural immunity only.

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Limitations of Hybrid Immunity
However, it also has some limitations. Because there are many countries in the world where vaccination is still very low, especially in many countries in Africa and Asia. In these places, it will take time for a large number of people to develop hybrid immunity and in such a situation, it will also take time to get strong protection from the corona. Also, now that the updated vaccine is in the process of coming up with new variants like Omron, hybrid immunity becomes even more important as scientists anticipate more variants to come in the times to come.

What is the status of vaccination in the world?
If we look at the statistics of the world, 68 percent of the people have taken at least one dose of the vaccine, while 62 percent of the people have taken two doses of the corona vaccine. At the same time, 26 percent of the people have taken the vaccine dose in addition to two doses. If we look at the statistics on vaccination in India, then 74 percent of the people here have received at least one dose of the vaccine. 66 percent of people have taken two doses of the vaccine, while only 2.7 percent of people have received the third dose of the vaccine, ie booster dose. At the same time, many countries like England and Israel are giving their people the fourth dose of the vaccine. Scientist estimates that in view of the new variants, people may have to take a dose of the corona vaccine every year in the coming times.

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