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Where will NASA build its base on the moon… know all the planning

NASA is preparing for its Artemis mission. For this, special places are being sought on the moon, where NASA can build its base camp. Know about the special planning of NASA.

NASA is very excited about its Artemis mission and is working diligently to make it a success. At present, according to the information received about the plan of this mission of NASA, NASA’s goal is to establish a crew post near the South Pole of the Moon, which is being called our first foothold on the Moon.

A lot of things will be needed to make this Artemis Base Camp. For example, an unpowered rover to move astronauts around the site and a home to live on the surface. In addition, several infrastructures such as communications, electricity, radiation shielding, waste disposal, and storage space will also be required.

nasa moon mission2

Possible landing area

Mission planners are looking for sites to receive solar energy, to maintain communication with Earth, and to slopes to reach Permanently Shaded Areas (PSRs). Researchers believe that water ice may have accumulated in the PSR. Resources like oxygen and water can be taken from here.

The PSR is the region near the Moon’s north and south poles that never receives direct sunlight. That’s why they are cold. The temperature here ranges from – 248ºC to -203ºC.

the potential place for research

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been orbiting the Moon since 2009. Its powerful three-camera system is the Lunar Reconnaissance Camera (LROC). LROC research technician Holly Brown and her colleagues recently conducted research whose results have been published in the journal Icarus. In this research, the processing capacity of Lunar PSR has been told.

nasa moon mission3

He and his team have identified eight PSRs with high processing efficiencies. They say that the Faustini crater near the Moon’s south pole may be the best resource for water ice. Holly Brown says that NASA and its associated commercial group are planning to send a robotic lander to the South Pole of the Moon.

This would be the goal

Holly Brown has advised that the area ‘Shackleton-de Gerlache Ridge’ should be the main target. This ridge between Shackleton and de-Gerlache craters is a highly illuminated area that NASA has identified as the best landing area for future crewed and robotic landings. Upcoming missions, such as Artemis 3, the first crewed Moon landing mission of NASA’s Artemis program. This would be the first crewed Moon landing since Apollo 17 in 1972. This mission is targeted for 2025 or 2026.


If everything goes according to plan, scientists will have plenty of data on how to set up the Lunar Resurgence Outpost. It also includes a major facility that China is planning to develop with the help of Russia. In the coming few years, China is going to do many Moon missions. It also includes the construction of an International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) at the Moon’s south pole in the 2030s.

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Shadow diving

Another upcoming NASA tool is ShadowCam, which will fly aboard the Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter. Recently it has been named Danuri. This is the first Moon mission of the Korean Aerospace Research Institute which will be launched in August. Shadowcat will collect the information in the PSR. It has been made 200 times more sensitive than previous imagers. Only after getting the clearly correct PSR will NASA take its next step.

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