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Destination Wedding: If you enjoy adventure, consider having your wedding in Antarctica, where the cost of marriage is only Rs.

Adventure Weddings in Antarctica: Everyone has different desires when it comes to marriage. Everyone wishes to find a partner who is loving, caring, and understanding. Following that, the next wish is that if the destination wedding falls within the budget, then what to say? Meanwhile, adventurers made that day memorable and special by marrying beneath the sea and thousands of feet above the sky to make the love marriage memorable. In this day and age of consumerism, if you have enough money, you can get married on the Antarctic continent. Let us tell you what will have to be done for this and how much it will cost for this destination wedding through some very special and beautiful pictures.

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Destination weddings in Antarctica were already being booked. However, when this package was launched via a special cruise, the cost of this dream wedding with only a few guests, i.e. about 12 guests, used to reach Rs 20 crores. However, as the demand grew, affordable destination wedding packages with few guests began to be offered here. You can now get married for as little as two to two and a half crore rupees.

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Adventure-seeking couples will now marry in large numbers in parts of the world where millions of people will never go even once in their lives. Many luxury travel companies offer Destination Weddings in Antarctica packages in this regard.


It is impossible to travel to Antarctica and party there, but if you have the means in your pocket or bank account, you can make your dream of getting married there a reality. Although there is a requirement that the number of guests attending your wedding be kept to a minimum, you can apply vermilion in the presence of thousands of penguins in the demand of your life partner if you so desire.




As a result of the number of days you spend here, the cost of your marriage will rise. In such a situation, some companies have offered a package of Destination Weddings in Antarctica for 2.5 lakh dollars, which is approximately 2 crore rupees.


Red Savannah, a luxury travel company, also offers wedding packages in Antarctica to its customers. The total cost of traveling from Cape Town to the snow-white desert of Antarctica under this scenario will be around Rs 20 crore.

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With this package and the assistance of a guide, the cost of staying and hosting a full party for approximately 12 of your guests or relatives will be less than Rs 20 crore. In which case, special arrangements would have been made for guests to stay in six private pods.


Everything from flight tickets to breakfast, lunch, dinner, cake cutting ceremony, and champagne and liqueurs at the wedding venue is included in the package.


According to a Forbes report, very low-cost destination wedding packages are now available. The package of a destination wedding worth two crore rupees is currently being discussed in great detail on social media.


This two-crore rupee package is being billed as the most potent offer of the year 2022. Many special arrangements have been made here to introduce your guests to a variety of unforgettable experiences, including trekking.


According to reports, the company has made numerous arrangements to ensure that the people staying in Acko built in the Polar Camp here have the best experience of their lives. This will not only make your wedding more memorable but will also enhance your image among your guests.

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