Friday, September 30, 2022

Indian Railways: The data for the new “economy” AC-3 coaches acquired, by the Railways are astounding.

Train AC-3 Coach: These coaches cost 6-7% less than the standard AC-3 service. More than 21 lakh passengers went in AC-3 tier economy class, according to the report.

Indian Railways News Update: Indian Railways is always looking for ways to boost revenue at the railroads. The new AC-3 “economy” coach brought in Rs 231 crore for Railways in its first year. The data also show that there has been no impact on the earnings of the general AC-3 class since the introduction of these coaches. ‘Economy’ refers to the AC-3 carriage low-cost air conditioning rail service.

Railway AC-3 Coach

7% less cost than Third AC The

For passengers travelling in the sleeping class, the “Economy” AC-3 coach was designed to offer the “best and cheapest AC travel” service. These coaches are priced 6-7% cheaper than the standard AC-3 service. The data shows that over 21 lakh people travelled in AC-3 tier economy class, earning Rs 231 crore for the Railways between August 2021 and August 2022.

From April to August, 15 lakh people travelled.

Officials said, adding that because it was agreed that the fare shouldn’t be too high, the installation of these coaches was challenging for the Railways. Additionally, it was advised that the fare not be set too low, as doing so would cause losses to begin in the AC-3 tier, which is the most lucrative. 15 lakh passengers went on the new economy bus between April and August of 2022, earning Rs 177 crore.

Train AC-3

The experiment, in the opinion of the railway officials, was successful. During this time, there is no decrease in the number of passengers in the standard AC-3 class. In the same time frame, the general AC-3 category brought in Rs 8,240 crore for the railways. The standard AC-3 coaches have 72 seats, whereas the new economy class AC-3 coaches have 83 seats. The redesigned coach has three side berths instead of the two found in the standard AC-3 vehicle.

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