Friday, December 2, 2022

Traffic Rules for Minor: If this challan is cut, you will have to pay a big fine, otherwise you will go to jail for three years, know what are the rules

Traffic rules: Village or city, nowadays the hobby of two-wheelers and four-wheelers starts coming from childhood. This happens more when you have a vehicle in your house. From above, we can see that because they grow up in a technologically advanced world, today’s kids are incredibly adaptable. Sometimes it is also seen that parents start educating their child before he becomes an adult, which is wrong by law but also irresponsible. If a minor child is caught driving a vehicle, then there is a provision of strict challan and even jail against him.

Invoice of 25,000:

If any child has not completed 18 years of age. Section 199A of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 specifies what happens if someone is detected operating a vehicle without a learner permit. registered, he shall be punished with a fine up to Rs 25,000 and imprisonment up to 3 . years. Additionally, there is a provision for punishment.

Here is the rule:

Under the Motor Vehicle Act, a child below the age of 18 years cannot drive a vehicle with an engine exceeding 50 cc without a valid license. If the power capacity of the engine of the vehicle is more than 50cc, then it is necessary to have a learning license. Anyone can operate an electric two-wheeler traveling at a speed of 25 kmph at the same time. This does not require any kind of license or registration, but, if the child is too young and not able to drive, it becomes the responsibility of the parent to ensure the safety of the child as well as that of other people. Keep safety in mind as well. People. The child shouldn’t be permitted to operate a vehicle until he or she has reached the legal driving age.
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