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Tax on Gold: If you are aware of the tax rate on gold, buying gold for Dhanteras need not be pricey!

If you have purchased gold as jewellery, as an investment, or if you intend to do so, you should also review the income tax regulations on the tax on gold.

Tax on Gold: This week marks the upcoming Dhanteras holiday, which is considered to be the most auspicious day of the year to buy gold and silver. Gold is more than just material; it plays a significant role in our emotions. We give prayers along with gold and silver on the occasion of Diwali. Women, however, have a first fondness for gold. In addition, gold is the most traditional form of investing. Gold is supposed to be impervious to deception.

Indians are therefore constantly keen to purchase gold at all times. However, this gold purchase of yours may also subject you to taxation. In other words, tax is due when buying gold. If you have purchased gold as jewellery, as an investment, or if you intend to do so, you should also look into the income tax regulations about the tax on gold. The team at Newsstore24 is providing information about these guidelines today so that you can reduce your tax liability.

Tax on Gold 2022

There are four ways to purchase gold.
The days of purchasing gold from a jeweller’s store are long gone. Gold has also gone digital in today’s digital world. There are four main ways to purchase gold in general. Physical gold, gold mutual funds or ETFs, digital gold, and government-issued gold bonds are among the possibilities for purchasing gold. If you also purchased gold for this Diwali, you should take into account the tax obligations associated with it.

The tax rate for purchasing gold from a jeweller
Indians typically purchase gold by visiting a goldsmith’s store. This gold is available as coins, bars, or gold jewellery. Let us inform you that when you buy actual gold from a jeweller using a pucca bill, you must pay 3% GST. The tax obligation on the customer’s sale of physical gold, on the other hand, is based on how long you’ve had them as a customer.

The timing of capital gains tax
The gain will be considered a short-term capital gain if gold is sold within three years of the date of acquisition, and it will be added to your annual income and taxed following the applicable income tax bracket. However, if you decide to sell your gold after three years, the sale would be considered a long-term capital gain and will be subject to a 20% tax. Indexation advantages will be available in addition to a 4% cess and surcharge.

E-gold or digital gold

India is undergoing a digital revolution right now. In such circumstances, the country is also seeing an increase in the trend of digital gold. Digital gold is available through several institutions, mobile wallets, and brokerages that work with MMTC-PAMP or SafeGold. Long-term capital gains on the sale of digital gold are taxed at the same rate as those on physical gold, gold mutual funds, or gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs). in addition to a cess and a fee of 20%. However, the return from its sale is not immediately taxed if the customer has had the digital gold for less than three years.

Gold sovereign bonds
On sovereign gold bonds, investors earn an annual interest rate of 2.5%, which is added to the taxpayer’s other income. After eight years of maturation, sovereign gold bonds are tax-free. However, there are distinct tax rates that apply to the bond returns in the event of an early exit. The lock-in term for sovereign gold bonds is typically 5 years. The proceeds from the selling of gold bonds are maintained in the Long Term Capital Gains after this time has ended but before the maturity period. This imposes a 20% tax, a 4% cess, and an additional surcharge.

MF or ETF for gold
Your assets are placed in actual gold through the Gold Exchange Traded Fund. When this happens, the taxation on the gold is the same as actual gold. Regarding gold mutual funds, they invest in gold exchange-traded funds.

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