Saturday, January 28, 2023

Second hand car drivers in Noida, police will now ask for this document

Second-Hand Cars: If you live in Noida or Greater Noida and are using a second-hand car then you need to be careful. The police here are going to run a special checking operation. If you do not show the correct documents then your vehicle can be seized. In fact, the Noida and Greater Noida police are starting to check the documents of vehicles sold more than once. According to Police Commissioner Laxmi Singh, owners of old vehicles need to update their registration documents failing which the vehicles can be seized.

The Gautam Buddh Nagar Police Commissionerate is going to launch a drive to check and verify documents of vehicles sold more than once. Police teams in all three zones – Noida, Central Noida and Greater Noida will soon start checking such old vehicles and will seize them if their honor and registration documents are not updated.

Action after hit-and-run case

The decision has been taken after three B.Tech students were hit by a speeding car in Greater Noida recently on New Year’s Eve. , One of the students was seriously injured and had to undergo brain surgery. It took several days for police to locate the car and arrest the driver.

“Based on whatever information we had about the suspect car (a white Santro) and the first part of its registration number ‘UP 16’ (Gautam Buddh Nagar), we started an investigation,” the police commissioner said. The transport department told the police officials that 12,000 Santro cars have been registered here. After another shortlisting of vehicles, around 1,000 cars were shortlisted and the number was finally reduced to just four. After this, finally, the culprit was caught in 4 centers.

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