Saturday, April 1, 2023

Use these effective methods to identify between a fake & real iPhone

Apple iPhone is expensive and everybody wants to purchase it. Therefore, certain shopkeepers purchase replica versions of iPhones from overseas markets and then sell the models in India under the names of the original models. If you don’t know the difference between real counterfeit models can fall victim to the trap of these vendors and, even after spending a large amount and a lot of money, don’t get the model you want. If you’re also planning to purchase one of the iPhones, today we will show you a trick it will help you determine if the iPhone model you purchase is authentic or not.


In the fake version of the iPhone,

it is possible to experience a speed of 60 Hz but the actual model features 120 Hz.


The most effective way to identify the authenticity

of a fake iPhone is to examine the camera. As only one lens is functional and the other lens is fake.


The original iPhone model isn’t equipped

with bezels on the display. However, in the copy model, you see thicker bezels, which can be recognized.


Glass back panels are available in the premium versions

of the initial iPhone. However, customers are able to view the plastic back panel in counterfeit models.


In the beginning, you need to consider the weight of the iPhone. Actually, the weight of the real iPhone model is quite decent, while this fake model is extremely light.

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