Thursday, June 20, 2024

Your Gmail account will be deleted by Google! do this to save it

Google has declared that the process of erasing Gmail accounts will begin. But there is no tension present. It won’t begin right away; it will take some time. Google has long been a proponent of communicating before acting. However, the reason for Google’s decision to deactivate the accounts raises a concern.


Your Gmail account will be deleted by Google.

Let me clarify that not all Gmail accounts will be deleted by Google. Only accounts that have been inactive for at least two years will be impacted. Simply said, Google will delete your Gmail account if it has not been used for two years. The account will be removed from the servers if it is no longer being used to access services like YouTube. However, the deletion deadline is after December 2023.


The business stated on the help page that the account,

not the device, serves as the primary indicator of Google account activity. You must keep in mind that your accounts have been used for the past two years.


Deletion without notification

According to Google, emails are released at least eight months before an action. where it is stated that the content or account will be removed. However, the company offers no information regarding removal.


Accounts that will be deleted

Only accounts that have not been used for two years will be deleted by Google. In addition, Google maintains the right to erase data from a product if you haven’t used it for at least two years.

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