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Do this work to withdraw PF in an emergency! no agent is needed

Emergencies can occur at any moment. Should you unexpectedly require a large sum of money in such a scenario, the issue may get worse. Many people take out PF in such circumstances, but there is a catch: sometimes it takes a long time to take out the money. We’re going to provide you with some helpful information on the online PF withdrawal process so that you can avoid this from happening to yourself.


In the event of an emergency,

you can also withdraw your PF online. You must apply online for this by visiting the EPFO website. To apply online, take the following actions:

  • First, go to, the EPFO’s official website.
  • Select “UAN/Online Services” now.
  • Now pick “PF Withdrawal” by clicking on “Manage”.
  • Select “Online Claim” at this point.
  • You now need to input your password and UAN.
  • You now need to provide the details for your bank account.
  • A photocopy of your bank account passbook must now be uploaded.
  • You now need to attach a copy of your Aadhar card.
  • You must now input your mobile number and email address.
  • You must now select “Submit”.
  • We’ll submit your application. Online status updates are available for your application.


Documents needed to submit an online application

UAN and password details for bank accounts. A copy of the passbook for a bank account a copy of the Aadhar card, together with your phone number and email address.


Advantages of online applications

  • You can sit at home and withdraw your PF.
  • There is no need to work with an agency.
  • Applying is a straightforward and uncomplicated process.

The drawbacks of online applications

  • You must scan and upload each document.
  • The application procedure could take a while.

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