Friday, July 26, 2024

Noida Authority to change this route to solve traffic jams in Noida!

If traffic is a problem for you and you also reside in Noida, you will quickly find relief from it. To end the inconvenience of traffic congestion, the Noida Authority is now developing a new plan. There are plans to extend the 4 km section between the Noida Express to the Delhi border and the Mahamaya flyover to relieve the traffic bottleneck.

Noida Authority

The chokepoints are now being located

by the Noida Authority, per the information that was provided by the officials. Using a survey, the Noida Authority will ascertain these chokepoints. Currently, a 500-meter stretch of road will be extended for vehicles leaving Delhi to travel from DND Loop to Film City. The 4 km trip is challenging. For the passengers, the 4 km portion of the motorway still presents challenges. People must stand here for hours on end. This is a frequently congested area, hence Noida Authority has created this plan to lessen it.

Noida Authority

An hour is needed for a 10-minute route.

From Noida Entry Gate to Mahamaya Flyover, there is consistently heavy traffic, particularly in the area around Film City, which is home to several stores and companies. On this highway, cars travel at a snail’s pace. It shouldn’t take longer than ten minutes to drive four kilometers. Even though it only takes ten minutes to complete, folks still need thirty to one hour to get there.

Noida Authority

What was said by Noida Authority’s CEO?

According to the CEO of Noida Authority Lokesh M, passengers find this route to be quite problematic. He stated that I had established a strategy to conduct a survey, which I intended to do. A tender will be released shortly for this, and the contractor will be employed. He stated that we would expand a 500-meter area from DND Loop in the direction of Apeejay School during the first phase. There will be an extra lane added to this highway till Film City, increasing its width by 2.5 meters. This would facilitate traffic coming from Delhi into Noida. We want to widen further chokepoints on the motorway up to the Mahamaya flyover in the upcoming phases.

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