Tuesday, April 16, 2024

NHAI will not increase the toll tax rates! decision withdrawn

A toll tax hike was scheduled to take effect on April 1. Before the deadline, the NHAI decided to reverse its decision to raise the toll charge effective March 31 at midnight. The NHAI decided against raising the toll on April 1. That implies that the toll tax will not rise at this time. Let us remind you that beginning of April 1, the NHAI planned to raise the toll tax by five percent. This was a last-minute reversal of course.

NHAI There won’t be a rise in tolls.

The financial strain brought on by the Monday toll fee rise is temporarily alleviated. On April 1, tolls on nationwide motorways and highways were set to rise. The decision to raise the toll has been retracted by NHAI. The toll tax that was in place before the decision’s withdrawal will remain in place. It is important to note that the Nation’s Highway Authority of India has suggested raising the toll on all types of vehicles, including automobiles, light trucks, and commercial vehicles. In addition to the toll, the monthly pass would also see an increase. It is anticipated that there won’t be a toll tax hike for the next two months or until the Lok Sabha elections.

NHAI Why did the decision get revoked?

The nation’s code of conduct for Lok Sabha elections is currently in effect, which is why NHAI has chosen not to raise the toll. Nevertheless, this has not been formally stated. Those who frequently travel by highway between cities for work have benefited the most from the non-increasing toll levy. Every day, a large number of people must travel through toll plazas to get to work. They would have suffered financially from an increase in the toll charge, but for the time being, they are relieved for a few days.

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