Friday, May 27, 2022

UPI Cash Withdrawal: Now Withdraw Money from ATM by scanning the QR code through the UPI App

UPI Cash Withdrawal: Now shortly you will be able to withdraw money from an ATM without an ATM card. Certainly, NCR Corporation (NCR Corporation), the maker of ATMs, has started the first interoperable cardless cash withdrawal (ICCW) solution based on the UPI platform. By this, money can be withdrawn from the ATM by scanning the QR code through any UPI App.

City Union Bank ties hands with NCR Corporation

City Union Bank has tied hands with NCR Corporation to install this unique facility ATM. The bank has so far enhanced more than 1500 ATMs with this facility.

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UPI Cash Withdrawal: Ways you will be able to withdraw money

>> Open any UPI application (BHIM, Paytm, GPay, Phonepe, Amazon, etc.) on the smartphone.

>> Then scan the QR code on the ATM screen.

>> Then put the amount on the phone. Currently, through this facility, you can withdraw a maximum of 5000/- rupees at a time.

>> Then confirm by clicking on Proceed button.

>> Then enter your 4 or 6 digit UPI PIN number.

>> It’s cash you will get from ATM.

What is the UPI

Unified Payment Interface / UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is a real-time payment system, which can immediately transfer money to a bank account through a mobile app. Through UPI, you can link a bank account to different UPI apps. At the same time, many bank accounts can be managed through a UPI app. Bhima (BHIM), Google Pay (Google Pay), Amazon Pay (Amazon Pay), PhonePe, etc. are UPI apps in which you can transfer funds by linking your bank account.



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