Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Here’s The Truth: Is The Government Giving Free Internet to All Students For Online Classes?

New Delhi: A lot of fake information has immersed social media ever since coronavirus hit India and not everything we read on the internet is true. Now, a post that declares the government is giving free internet to students for online classes has gone viral on the social app WhatsApp.

The post states that 10GB of internet data is being given to every student in the country by the government so that they can study and appear for exams between the pandemic.

Here is what the post states: “Due to Corona Virus Schools and colleges have been closed and because of this, the education of students has been affected, so the government is providing free 10GB internet per day to all the students. So that students can complete their education and also give exams with the help of the internet and online classes (sic).”

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However, no such statement has been made by the government and the case is fake. Exposing the fake news, PIB in a tweet wrote, ”It is claimed in a #WhatsApp message that government is providing free internet to all the students so that they can give online exams and complete their education amid #COVID19 pandemic.

The government has time and again, asked people not to share such unconfirmed reports and trust only trustworthy sources.

Yesterday, a YouTube video alleging that the government is giving a cash amount of Rs 3,000 in the accounts of all under the Pradhan Mantri Mandhan Yojana, had gone viral and was found to be fake.



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