Thursday, February 2, 2023

The MHA sends a four-person team to Bengal to assess the situation in the aftermath of the election violence: Various sources of information

According to a government source speaking to India Today, MHA sends a four-member team headed by an Additional Secretary level officer has left Delhi for Kolkata to assess the situation.

The team will be tasked with compiling a report on the facts surrounding the violence that erupted following the West Bengal election results, in which BJP leaders were attacked.

The home ministry sent a terse reminder to the West Bengal government on Wednesday to send a comprehensive report on post-poll violence in the state, warning it that if it fails to do so, the matter would be taken “seriously,” officials said. It also asked it to take appropriate steps to prevent such incidents “without any loss of time.”‘

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“The Home Ministry had requested an immediate comprehensive report. Unfortunately, the report has yet to be received, indicating that the state government has failed to take effective action. If the report is not issued, the matter will be taken seriously,” a government source told India Today.

The home ministry reminded West Bengal’s chief secretary that it had requested an immediate report on the state’s post-election violence on May 3.

The West Bengal government, on the other hand, has yet to submit the report, according to officials.

As a result, the appropriate measures should be taken as soon as possible to avoid these accidents, according to the study.

It recommended that a comprehensive report be submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) right away.



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