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Bank Holidays: Banks will remain closed for 9 days in June, according to the holidays, the necessary work, see the complete list

Bank Holidays in June: Currently, in the midst of the Corona epidemic, banks have made most of their services online so that customers do not have to go to the bank branch unless it is very important. What will be the situation in June, it is not yet known. So if you have any work in the month of June, then you should know on which day the bank is open and on which day it is closed. 

Banks will be closed for 9 days in June

According to the Reserve Bank’s list, banks will be closed for 9 days in June. Therefore, it would be better to plan your bank’s work by observing these holidays. Actually, there is no big festival in the month of June. Therefore, most holidays are weekly holidays on regular Sundays and Saturdays, and banks will remain closed due to some local festivals. 

Let us tell you that the Bank Holidays List is issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). In this, the holidays of all banks are fixed according to the state. As per the holidays issued by RBI, banks will remain closed for a total of 9 days in the month of June, including weekly holidays and holidays. So let’s see when the banks will be closed in June. 

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When and when the banks will be closed, see the complete list

 06 June- Sunday (Weekly Holiday)

12 June- Second Saturday (Banks are closed)

13 June- Sunday (Weekly Holiday)

15 June- Mithun Sankranti and Raz Parv (Banks will be closed in Izwal-Mizoram, Bhubaneswar)

20 June- Sunday (Weekly holiday)

25 June- Jubilee of Guru Hargobind ji (Bank of Jammu and Srinagar closed)

26 June- Second Saturday

27 June- Sunday weekly holiday)

30 June- Remna ni (Banks will be closed in Izwal only)

Get a lot of facilities from banks sitting at home

However, the advice of the banks is that you can get many facilities of the bank by sitting online at home. Even if you want cash, government banks also bring you home. You are also getting services related to the checkbook, life certificates, sitting at home. Therefore, in the midst of the corona epidemic, it is better that you do not get out of the house and be safe. 



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