Friday, February 3, 2023

New Corona Vaccination Immunization Guidelines have been established in the country, and vaccination will be free.

New recommendations for Corona Vaccination are now in effect across the country. On June 7, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled this new strategy.

In government hospitals, vaccination is provided free of charge.

If you acquire the vaccine at a government vaccination center starting today, you will not have to pay a charge under this policy (New Corona Vaccination Guidelines). The corona vaccine is available for free at all government hospitals. This service will be accessible exclusively in government hospitals, and you will be charged a predetermined cost if you receive the vaccine in a private hospital.

The centre will purchase and distribute doses to the states.

According to the new policy, the federal government will purchase 75% of the vaccine from manufacturers and provide it ‘free’ to the states. State governments will provide free vaccinations to healthcare personnel, frontline workers, and anybody over the age of 18 at government centers.

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States will decide what is most important.

The state governments will decide which groups would be given priority in vaccination, according to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines (New Corona Vaccination Guidelines). The number of Corona Vaccine doses distributed to states will be determined by the state’s population, corona cases, and vaccine wastage.

In a private hospital, a Covishield dose of 750 was administered.

Private hospitals can charge a maximum of Rs 150 more than the cost of a single dosage of the vaccine, according to the new regulation. That is, a dose of Covishield at a private hospital will cost a maximum of Rs 750, while Covaxin will cost a maximum of Rs 1350.

There will be an on-site registration facility.

For the convenience of the public, government and commercial vaccination sites will be allowed to assist onsite registration; the specific process will be determined by state governments. These new recommendations (New Corona Vaccination Guidelines) are in effect as of today, and the government will evaluate them on a regular basis.



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