Thursday, December 1, 2022

EPF Update ALERT! : You can update bank account in EPF like this, work will be done sitting at home, know a very easy way

EPF Latest News Update: If you are thinking of withdrawing money from your EPF account recently, then it is very important to take care of some important things, otherwise you may face problems in withdrawing money. EPFO gives many types of facilities to its subscribers, of which it is important to be aware. We are going to tell you about one such facility.

How to update bank details in EPF?

The most important thing is that your bank information should be updated in EPF. EPF money comes in the same bank account which is already linked with it. If you want EPF money to come to another bank account, then for this you have to link another bank account with EPF. You can do this work very easily sitting at home. Employees’ Provident Fund (EPFO) gives this facility to its subscribers to update the bank account in their EPF account on their own.

You don’t need to go anywhere for this. You can do this work very easily by logging on to the EPFO ​​website. So let us tell you the step-by-step complete process

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Change bank account information in EPF like this

1. First of all EPFO’s Unified Member Portal and log in with your UAN number and password.

2. Now go to the ‘Mange’ option in the top menu, then select ‘KYC’ from the drop-down menu.

3. After this select ‘Documents’ and click on ‘Bank’.

4. Enter the bank account number, name, and IFSC code and click on ‘Save’.

5. After this information is approved by the employer, your updated bank details will be visible in the approved KYC section.

6. Now submit the document proof to your employer When your employer will verify your documents then ‘KYC pending for approval’ will be changed to ‘Digitally Approved KYC.’ Will be done.

7. When your employer approves your documents, you will also receive a tax message, in which information about the digital approval of KYC.

Check PF balance like this

If you want to check that what is the latest PF balance in your account, then follow the process given below.

1. Visit the EPFO member website .

2. Now click on the ‘For Employees’ option from the ‘Our Services’ tab.

3. Click on ‘Member Passbook’ from the Member Services tab.

4. After this you enter your UAN and password to log in and you will be able to see the passbook of your PF account.



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