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Hotness Alert!! Daughter Suhana also fades in front of Shah Rukh Khan’s niece! See the beauty in photos

Everyone knows about the children of Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood. His children are also no less than any Bollywood star. Whether we talk about his sons or daughter Suhana Khan, but today we will tell about another member of Shahrukh’s family, about whom you have hardly heard. Her name is Alia Chibba. Now you must be thinking that who is Alia Chhiba and what is her relation with Shahrukh Khan?

1.Photos went viral during IPL

The pictures of Alia Chhiba became very viral during the IPL played in Dubai. She was also seen at Shahrukh’s birthday party, after which people wanted to know that who is he and how is he so close to Shah Rukh Khan and his family? In this way, we clear your confusion. 

2.This relationship is with Shahrukh Khan

Alia Chhiba is the daughter of Gauri Khan’s brother Vikrant i.e. Gauri’s niece. In this sense, she also became the niece of Shah Rukh Khan and sister of Suhana and Aryan. Alia Chibba is very active on social media and often posts her stunning pictures. 

3.Came in limelight like this

Alia Chhiba first came into the limelight in 2019 when pictures of Suhana Khan and Gauri Khan went viral. Both of them went to Alia’s wedding. Suhana and Alia were seen together for the first time in the marriage. 

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4.Alia Chibba close up of Shahrukh’s family

Alia Chhiba also seems very attached to her aunt Gauri Khan. Shah Rukh Khan is also very close. Alia often spends time with Shahrukh’s family. 

5.Alia Chibba is married

Seeing Alia Chhiba, you will not even be able to guess that she is married. She is very stylish and beautiful and always keeps herself updated with the latest trends. By the way, he was married only at the age of 21. 

6.Alia Chhibba is a designer

Alia Chhiba has studied designing and she has also opened her two brands during the Corona period itself. He has also started the production of stylish masks. 

7.Alia Chhibba is stylish

Alia Chhiba is quite bold like sister Suhana Khan. Alia has a lot of fan following on Instagram. He is liked by more than one lakh people. 



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