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Who has unfriended you on Facebook, with this trick you will know who is a cheater

Facebook Tips And Tricks: By making friends on Facebook, you will get to know who has unfriended you in a pinch. You just have to follow these steps.

Facebook Tips And Tricks: Facebook is used by crores of people in India. In this, apart from sharing the feelings of your heart, you can also make many friends. The friend list of many people is in thousands. In such a situation it is difficult to know who has unfriended us. Today we will tell you about such a trick, by which you can find out who has unfriended you after making friends. This trick will reveal all the names. Let’s know-how…

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Know who has unfriended you on Facebook like this

For those who have unfriended you on Facebook, you have to go to the Google extension. This process is a bit lengthy but easy. With this, you can easily find out who is the cheater, who has broken friendship with you. For this, you will need a desktop or laptop.

follow these steps

1. First of all you have to visit ‘WhoDeleteMe’.

2. Search on google extension and install on a browser.

3. As soon as you search, you will see a button of ‘WhoDeleteMe’, click on it.

4. On pressing the button, you have to click on ‘See Who Deleted You Previously’.

5. The list of who has unfriended you will appear on the screen.



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