Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Inflationary shock! The price of an LPG cylinder has increased by Rs 25, so check your city’s tariff

The ordinary man has suffered yet another setback. LPG rates have been raised yet again by petroleum companies. The non-subsidized cylinder’s price has gone up by Rs 25. The price of a 14.2 kilogramme LPG cylinder in Delhi has increased to Rs 859.5.

LPG Cylinder Cost: The average man has suffered yet another blow. LPG rates have been raised yet again by petroleum companies. The non-subsidized cylinder’s price has gone up by Rs 25. A 14.2 kilogramme LPG cylinder currently costs Rs 859.5 in Delhi. Previously, it was receiving Rs 834.50. The price of an LPG cylinder was raised by Rs 25.50 on July 1.

LPG prices have risen yet again.

In Mumbai, the price of a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder has risen to Rs 859.5 from Rs 834.50 previously. LPG cylinder prices in Kolkata have risen from Rs 861 to Rs 886 per cylinder. In Chennai, however, LPG cylinders would cost Rs 875.50 from Wednesday, up from Rs 850.50 yesterday. In Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, you would have to pay Rs 897.5 for an LPG cylinder, whereas in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, you will have to pay Rs 866.50. This cylinder was formerly available in Bhopal for Rs 840.50, however, it is now available for Rs 865.50.

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This year, the price of an LPG cylinder increased by Rs 165.50.

Let us remind you that in January of 2021, the price of an LPG cylinder in Delhi was Rs 694, and in February, it was hiked to Rs 719 per cylinder. The price was raised to Rs 769 on February 15. Following this, the price of an LPG cylinder was cut to Rs 794 on February 25. The price of an LPG cylinder was cut to Rs 819 in March. The price of domestic LPG in Delhi has risen to Rs 809 after a drop of Rs 10 in early April. LPG cylinder prices have increased by Rs 165.50 in a year. In comparison, the price of a cylinder has grown by around Rs 275 since December.

The price of a cooking gas cylinder has increased by Rs 25 in the city.

Delhi 859.5

Mumbai 859.50

Kolkata 886.00

Chennai 875.50

Lucknow 897.50

Ahmedabad 866.50

The cost of a commercial cylinder has also increased.

Commercial gas cylinders, in addition to LPG cylinders, have increased in price by Rs.68. A 19 kilogramme commercial gas cylinder will now be sold in Delhi for Rs 1618, down from Rs 1550 previously.

The federal government had planned to raise the price of gas on the first day of the month, but the price was unexpectedly raised on August 17 morning. Operators of gas agencies are likewise taken aback by this. Oil marketing organisations increased the price of 14.2 kilogramme LPG LPG cylinders by Rs 25 starting Tuesday as soon as the information was received.



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