Sunday, November 27, 2022

Will the Taliban’s rule keep everyone safe? A 20-second video exposes fake appearances

The Taliban leaders claimed in their first press conference after the takeover of Kabul that the territory of Afghanistan would not be used against any country in the world under their control, but His appearance was recently disclosed in a video that surfaced.

Kabul: Following their capture of Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, Taliban officials held their first press conference, stating unequivocally that the Taliban will administer their country according to Islamic laws, and that Afghans will be forced to accept Sharia law sooner or later. Under the Taliban’s reign, Afghanistan’s territory will not be utilised against any country in the globe.

‘Women’s rights will be based on Islamic principles.’

“There will be no discrimination against women,” Taliban officials stressed, “but whatever rights are given to them would be according to Islam.” Women will be able to work in fields such as health care and other fields where they are required. The question now is how the Taliban will make this decision. What criteria will be used to determine if women are needed in the media but not in other fields? The Taliban has also stated that it has the right to make its own laws and that other countries must accept this right. During the press conference, it was also stated that the people of Afghanistan are entirely protected. In addition, the Taliban has blamed the Afghan people for the violent episodes and turmoil that have occurred in Kabul.

Taliban appearances have been made public.

Meanwhile, a 20-second video of two persons sitting on the road with their hands up has surfaced. They are flanked by armed Taliban terrorists, one of them is armed with a rocket launcher. He’s attempting to intimidate even more by using rocket launchers to attack the terrified individuals on the ground. The second attacker, who was standing just behind him with a rocket launcher, opened fire with an AK-47 at unarmed Afghans. Three terrorists, all equipped with firearms, are standing over a nearby house at the same time.

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On the other side of the road downstairs, a crowd has formed, but no one has the bravery to confront the Taliban insurgents. This terrifying footage of Kabul was taken during the period when Taliban terrorists were establishing Taliban authority in the city and firing rocket launchers and AK-47s at civilians to apprehend them. This has made it evident why the Taliban’s first press conference after seizing control of Afghanistan on Tuesday was so gaudy in its promise of Afghan security.

What was the state of women at the time? It was 20 years ago.

The Taliban stated in a press conference that there will be no discrimination against women and that women will have the freedom to work according to Sharia, but the truth is that the Taliban severely followed Sharia laws the last time they were in power, which was 20 years ago. Girls were barred from attending school and studying during this time. Women were not allowed to leave the house alone, and if they did not wear a burqa, they were flogged. Women were not permitted to drive and were not permitted to work in offices.

These facts demonstrate the vast disparity between the Taliban’s words and actions. If Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid declares that he will not attack any international embassy or institution in such a situation. It is difficult to believe the Taliban’s claims that the land of Afghanistan will not be used against any country in the globe while they are in power.

At the request of a guy, the Taliban are putting on a show.

The Taliban said that it has no hostility with anyone and that it pardoned everyone on the command of its leader. The Taliban wants the international community to recognise their government, but the Taliban is simply claiming this to establish a reign of terror in Afghanistan, which is why the truth on each of its trusts appears less cunning. The Taliban are staging this spectacle at the request of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, a single man. He is the Taliban’s top commander, having returned to Afghanistan after a 20-year absence, reached Kandahar, and devised a risky strategy.



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