Thursday, February 2, 2023

Now you will be able to start the bike with Smartphone, you can do this on-off by standing far away, know-how

There is no limit to the development of technology. Revolt Motors has announced that from September 2021, all their upcoming electric bikes will be able to be switched on and off from smartphones. Let’s see how… 

Today it will not be wrong to say that we can do almost everything with our smartphones and those things which we cannot do, soon technology will find a way out. Revolt Motors today announced that they have developed a technology through which people will be able to turn Revolt Motors electric bikes on and off from their smartphones. Let’s learn how…

Smartphones will be the key

Revolt Motors has said that customers buying their electric bikes will now be able to turn their bikes on or off through their smartphones. Understanding this new feature, the company has said that every customer of their electric bike will just have to download the My-Revolt app on their smartphone, and then they will be able to start and stop their bike from the same. He says that such a feature has never been seen in India before. 

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How to use it 

The company has explained that to turn on the e-bike, the user has to open the app and slide the power button from left to right and the bike will turn on. 

Although this feature will be for those electric bikes which will be launched after September 2021 as these bikes will also have artificial intelligence and a developed cloud-based software system, the owners of RV400 bikes will also be able to enjoy this feature after the system update. 

What will happen with this feature 

This feature will not only make the bike ride keyless, but the user will also be able to activate and deactivate his bike from his phone itself. Apart from this, you will also be able to locate your bike in crowded places with the help of your smartphone. The company believes that this feature will also greatly enhance the safety of the bikes.



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