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Coronavirus Could be more dangerous than ever? Now the fear of COVID-22 is haunting the scientists

COVID-22: Experts have claimed that the ‘Covid-22’ strain can be more lethal than the delta variant and will not be affected by the vaccine. So far, the delta variant of the corona is considered the most dangerous and infectious.

Zurich: The threat of Coronavirus is not over yet and in the meantime, experts have feared the danger of a new super strain. Immunologists fear that the Covid-22 (COVID 22) super strain will be more lethal than before and cases may come to the fore in the coming times.

More dangerous than delta 

Experts have claimed that the ‘Covid-22’ strain can be even more lethal than the delta variant. So far, the delta variant of Corona is considered the most dangerous and infectious, but experts have warned that the new variant named ‘Covid-22’ could be even more dangerous than the current deadliest delta variant.

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New variant of Covid in the year 2022?

The name Covid-22 or the term was first used by Sai Reddy, Associate Professor of Systems and Synthetic Immunology at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. According to a report, Sai Reddy has warned that a new variant of Covid may appear in the year 2022 and it will prove to be a big threat. However, he just expressed his apprehension about it.

Effect of vaccine

Immunologist Dr. Sai Reddy said that recently the strains of corona that have come together can create a new threat. Dr. Reddy also expressed the apprehension that even the vaccine may not work on it.

Talking to the German newspaper Blick, Professor Reddy named Delta Covid-21 and said that it is the most infectious strain right now. He said that if the beta or gamma variant becomes more infectious or develops the delta mutation, then we can see a new phase of the epidemic.

Non-vaccine super spreaders

Dr. Reddy said that this can become a big problem in the coming time. COVID-22, which we are currently experiencing, could be worse. He said that the results of a recent study show that the viral load of the delta variant is very high. Along with this, he also said that if a person, who has not got the vaccine and comes in contact with it, then he can become a Super Spreader.



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