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Driving License: How to get a driving license at home, Know the process in these 10 points

Driving License: Getting a driving license is a big tension in itself, but faceless services in Delhi have made it a bit of a chore. All you have to do is keep your documents ready, and apply online. understand

You do not need to waste your time standing in long lines to get a driving license. Delhi Transport Department is providing faceless services for Delhiites. In this people can apply for Learner’s License sitting at home. 

The Delhi government has launched faceless transport services only last month. Under this initiative, 33 transport services, including online learner license test, vehicle registration, permit, etc. have been made online and faceless. 

We tell you that if you also live in Delhi, then how can you take advantage of the faceless services of the Transport Department

Transport department’s work will be done sitting at home

1. Under the faceless service of the Transport Department, you can apply for the online learner license test sitting at home. For this, you do not need to know RTO

2. Any person who has an Aadhar card can take advantage of these services. You can complete KYC through One Time Password. Documents and e-sign can be verified through Aadhaar authentication. AI-based face recognition technology with a feature mapping feature enables a citizen to take his/her learner’s license from home.

3. Those who do not have Aadhar cards can also apply online, but they have to upload documents, photo, and signature

4. Those who want faceless services can apply at You can apply by visiting here and get information about the required documents. Fees for this can also be paid online. 

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5. After the online test, the e-learner license is given by the Transport Department. 

6. First of all, when anyone applies for a Learner’s License, his application, documents are scrutinized. The same is verified and approved by the Motor Licensing Officer or Motor Vehicle Inspector, after which it is forwarded for further processing. 

7. The document is sent to the applicant through speed post  

8. A link is also sent to the applicant on his registered mobile number through an SMS, the license can also be downloaded through that link.

9. The Delhi Transport Department has issued a complete Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) regarding how these faceless services can be availed. 

10. Out of these 33 services, only two services are such which cannot be availed online or faceless. You will have to go to RTO for a test for a driving license and for a vehicle fitness certificate.

How does this work 

First of all, you have to go to t Select the services related to DL/RC/Permit and apply Upload all the required documents and pay the fees Complete the process of Aadhaar Based Authentication of 

Aadhaar Based E-Sign complete the process



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