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Dhanteras Shopping in 2021: Know what to buy on Dhanteras today based on your zodiac sign; wealth, happiness, and prosperity will rain all year

Shop according to your Zodiac Sign today, on Dhanteras 2021. With Maa Lakshmi’s blessing, this shopping will be highly auspicious for you and will bring you happiness and success throughout the year.

Shopping on Dhanteras is good, but if you do it at an auspicious hour and according to your zodiac, you will reap even more rewards. Tripushkar Yoga and Amrit Labh Yoga are being founded today on Dhanteras 2021, which is a very fortunate day. In addition, three planets, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars, are conjunct in Libra. In this case, shopping according to your zodiac sign today would be really beneficial. Let’s find out which zodiac sign should buy what on Dhanteras from Chandigarh’s astrologer Madan Gupta Saptu.

Buying Dhanteras according to your zodiac sign

Aries: Aries people buy gold coins, electrical or electronic equipment, mobile phones, and televisions, among other things. Donating red fruits on Dhanteras is also particularly auspicious for persons born under this sign.

Taurus: On Dhanteras, Taurus residents can take a gold coin, whole turmeric, laptop, or computer.

The food processor, mixer, saffron, and tin pots should all be purchased by Mithuna of Gemini.

Kark silverware for Cancer natives, acquire a pearl necklace or ring, and the housing vehicle is excellent. Aside from that, you can purchase a refrigerator, a water filter, or a water cooler.

Leo: People born under the sign of Leo will enjoy happiness and success throughout the year if they purchase gold jewellery or coins. Today, these people should make an offering or donation of honey or dates to someone.

New mobile, broadband connection, TV and communication equipment, steel vessel, and residential appliances are all available to Aquarius natives. Keep in mind that today’s purchases are not made using credit cards or loans.

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The native silverware of Tula Leo, Cycle Crockery, has the ability to perfume. Investing in real estate will also be very beneficial to them.

Scorpio: Electronics, copper cookware, and ornamental objects are available for purchase. It will be wonderful if the things you are purchasing are red in hue.

Today, Dnu will worship Lakshmi photographs with gold coins or a statue of Lakshmi purchased by his mother. Then, throughout the year, worship it; it will be extremely beneficial.

Mkr’s native Capricorn can be a valuable asset. You can also buy autos, kitchenware, and electrical things. Make sure they’re black in colour.

Kunb, a Cancerian, can handle an iron frying pan, a stove, a refrigerator, a television, and an automobile. It’s ideal if these items are black, blue, or grey in colour.

Capricorn inhabitants Mina have had a very excellent day today if the house or flat will be getting possession. Apart from that, any type of property investment is helpful. Copper kitchenware is also available for purchase.



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