Tuesday, April 16, 2024

iPhone 12 at 50% off! Following the discount, customers experience dizziness

Customers with an interest in purchasing the iPhone 12 have a fantastic option. In actuality, Flipkart is offering the best deal ever on the purchase of this model. Customers may not be aware that they are receiving such a significant discount on the iPhone 12 with this offer. Let us inform you that Flipkart is currently running a special sale for clients that they will enjoy, as well as discounts on this model. Today we will discuss the discount offered on this model if you also wish to take advantage of this deal.

iPhone 12

What’s the deal?

Actually, the Flipkart price for the iPhone 12 is 59000, but with the 9% discount, the price drops to only 53999, giving clients a straight discount of 5901. Customers have the opportunity to save this much money as soon as they purchase, but if you want to purchase an iPhone 12 at an even cheaper cost, today we are going to inform you about another fantastic deal that is being offered on iPhone.

iPhone 12

Customers may also benefit from exchange bonuses.

Let us inform you that customers can benefit from the exchange bonus on the iPhone 12 by exchanging their old smartphones with the company. If the condition of the old smartphone is satisfactory, the maximum price of 53999 will be lowered by 29250. Customers will only receive this sum, though, if the replaced smartphone is in good working order. Let us inform you that buyers would only be required to pay Rs 24,749 following this discount offer. Customers won’t have to lose money because this pricing is almost half of the original amount.

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