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Invest Rs 7500 in this scheme of Post Office, and becoming a millionaire, Know About Scheme

PPF Crorepati:  If you also want to become a millionaire, then now is your time. To become a millionaire, start investing from today itself. For this, you do not need a lot of investment, but only a few rupees have to be invested in Public Provident Fund every month. If you keep investing in the way mentioned here, then you will become a millionaire even before retirement.

Long term investment

Public Provident Fund is a better option for long-term investment, in which you get very good returns. In PPF, you can invest up to Rs 1.5 lakh in a year, that is, Rs 12,500 per month. If you want to become a millionaire, then you have to know how much you will have to invest every month and for how long.

At present, the government gives an annual interest of 7.1% on the PPF account. Investment in this is made for 15 years. Accordingly, the total value of investment of Rs 12500 for the month will become Rs 40,68,209 after 15 years. The total investment in this is Rs 22.5 lakh and interest is Rs 18,18,209.

In this way, a fund of one crore rupees will be deposited

case no-1

1. Suppose you are at the moment 30 years and you have to start investing in PPF

2k L2500 rupees will have after the submission of the PPF every month for 15 years 4,068,209 bucks

do not get this money 3. Now, you keep on increasing the PPF for a period of 5-5 years

4. That is, after 15 years, keep investing for 5 more years, that is, after 20 years this amount will be – Rs 66,58,288

5. When it is 20 years then Extend the investment for the next 5 years, that is, after 25 years the amount will be – Rs 1,03,08,015  

So in this way, you will go to be a millionaire

You have become a millionaire. That is if you invest Rs 12500 every month in PPF at the age of 30, then after 25 years, that is, at the age of 55, you will have become a millionaire. Please note that the maturity period of the PPF account is 15 years. If this account is to be extended for 15 years, then this account can be extended for the next five years.

case no-2

If you want to invest a little less amount in PPF instead of Rs 12500, but want to become a millionaire at the age of 55, then you have to start a little earlier.

1. Suppose at the age of 25, you started putting Rs 10,000 in your PPF account every month.

2. According to 7.1 percent, after 15 years you will have the total value – Rs 32,54,567.

3. Now extend it again for 5 years, then after 20 years the total value will be- Rs 53,26,631.

4. Extend it again for 5 years, after 25 years the total value will be – Rs 82,46,412

5. Extend it again for 5 years , that is, after 30 years the total value will be – Rs 1,23,60,728

6. That is, you will become a millionaire at the age of 55. 

case number 3

Even if you deposit only Rs 7500 a month instead of Rs 10,000, you will become a millionaire by the age of 55, but you have to start investing at the age of 20.

1. 7500 have been deposited on the 15-year 7.1 percent interest in Rs PPF, the total value of a mere 2,440,926 Rs

2. 5 years advance, ie 20 years later, this amount will be – 3,994,973 Rs

3. 5 years And after carrying it forward i.e. after 25 years this amount will be – Rs 61,84,809

4. On carrying forward 5 years again, after 30 years this amount will increase to – Rs 92,70,546

5. 5 years and if the investment continues, 35 years After that the amount will be – Rs 1,36,18,714

6. That is, when you are 55 years old, you will have more than Rs. Remember, the trick to becoming a millionaire is to take advantage of the compounding of PPF, start investing early and keep investing with patience.



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