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Goat’s milk is beneficial in the treatment of corona? Know the answer

Can goat’s milk save people from the new wave of Coronavirus? The answer has now come to the fore. 

Benefits of Goat Milk: Everyone is shaken by the continuous wave of Corona. Doctors say that to fight this epidemic, people should pay special attention to following the corona protocol as well as boosting their immunity power. According to him, goat’s milk is one such potent product, which has been found to be effective against diseases like dengue-corona apart from increasing immunity power. 

Chandrakesh Rai of Chandrashekhar Azad Agricultural University, Kanpur has also advised people to drink goat’s milk to protect against coronavirus and increase immunity. Some time ago, while talking to Web Dunya, Dr. Chandrakesh Rai said that if people start drinking 240 grams of goat’s milk after boiling every day, then their immunity can increase significantly. Today we will tell you about 5 such amazing benefits of goat’s milk. 

Benefits of Goat Milk

Bones become strong

According to the news website, calcium is abundant in goat milk. Because of this, the bones of the body are strengthened by consuming goat milk. It also contains some amount of magnesium and phosphorus. Phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium work together to keep bones healthy. This makes a person fit and fit. 

Easy to digest

Goat’s milk has much less lactose than cow-buffalo milk. The protein found in its milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk and products made from it. Due to this, the stomach remains healthy and clean with goat milk water. Along with this, you also remain free from diseases related to the stomach. 

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Reduces inflammation

Goat milk also has another miraculous quality. Actually, anti-inflammatory properties are found in its milk. Due to which the swelling of the body of those who consume it automatically reduces significantly. If you have got a missing injury somewhere, then goat’s milk gives great relief in that too. 

Protects the hurt

Goat’s milk is considered very beneficial for the heart. According to research, a good amount of magnesium is found in its milk. This magnesium proves helpful in maintaining a proper heartbeat. The amount of cholesterol in goat’s milk is very low. Due to which it also helps a lot in making the heart and its arteries work properly. 

Makes hair strong 

Nowadays, falling or falling of hair on the head has become a common problem. But the solution is also hidden in goat’s milk. According to research, goat’s milk also contains vitamin-A and vitamin B. Both these vitamins work to strengthen the hair roots. Due to which the hair of the head does not fall easily. 

How to Use Goat Milk

Goat’s milk can be used in many ways. Paneer and curd made from it can be used in food. Goat milk ice cream can also be made. Tea can be made from goat’s milk or it can also be heated and drunk. It can be used in making sweets.

Disadvantages of goat milk

Goat milk has many advantages and some disadvantages too. Its consumption can be harmful to babies. Especially for children one-year-old or less. Goat’s milk contains fat, which can increase obesity. It can also be a problem for people allergic to dairy products. Therefore, before consuming goat’s milk, take the advice of your trusted doctor once. 

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general beliefs. Before adopting it, definitely take medical advice. NEWS STORE24 does not endorse these prescriptions.)



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