Monday, October 3, 2022

Amazon Pay Later: The most convenient way to shop; you’ll have to pay back the money without interest later

Amazon Pay Later: If you had to put off some crucial job owing to financial constraints during the Corona pandemic, this Amazon feature came in handy. Amazon features a feature called Amazon Pay Later, which works similarly to ‘Buy Now, Pay Later.’

Get a credit limit of up to Rs60,000

According to the user’s profile, Amazon provides a credit limit of up to 60 thousand rupees under this service. Users can shop within their credit limit, but they must pay for their purchases later. You can use Amazon Pay Later to recharge, pay bills, and shop within the available limit.

Will have to pay back the money without interest.

You can reimburse the spent limit for the following month without incurring any interest or additional fees. You can even arrange an EMI for the shopping amount if you wish. If you pay via EMI, you will be required to pay the prescribed interest rate.

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Who is eligible to use the facility?

To use this Amazon service, you must be at least 23 years old. You should also have an Amazon account linked to your confirmed phone number. Along with the PAN and bank account, address evidence is required. You can use your driver’s licence, voter identification card, Aadhar Card, or passport for this.

Activate your account in this manner:

First, go to Amazon Pay and select the option of Amazon Pay Later.

– After clicking Get Started, the registration page will appear. Now press the Activate in 60 Seconds button. This will initiate the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

The last four digits of the PAN must be provided after uploading the relevant papers.

You will be awarded a credit limit after verification.



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