Friday, December 2, 2022

Coronavirus 4th Wave: Omicron, the dangerous variant of Corona, has changed form again, know how much danger is there for India

Covid-19 Omicron Sub-Variant BA.2.75: Amidst the increasing infection of the coronavirus, the Omicron variant has once again changed its form, and a new sub-variant of Covid-19 BA.2.75 (Omicron Sub-Variant BA.2.75 ) ) has appeared.

Covid-19 Omicron Sub-Variant BA.2.75 in India: The threat of coronavirus pandemic in India has started rising once again, as more than 1 lakh new cases have been reported across the country in the last 10 days. Meanwhile, Omicron, the most dangerous variant of Covid-19, has changed its form and a new sub-variant BA.2.75 has emerged. It is a fast-catching variant of people and is also dodging antibodies made after taking the vaccine to protect against corona. It is a matter of concern that Israeli scientist Dr. Shay Fleshon has claimed that BA.2.75 has also reached India and has spread to 10 states.

It is not unusual to find new variants of Corona: ICMR

According to Dr. Shay Fleisson, 69 cases of new sub-variant BA.2.75 (Omicron Sub-Variant BA.2.75) were found in 10 states of India till July 2. These cases have come up in Maharashtra, Delhi, and West Bengal. , Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana. Although the Indian Medical Council (ICMR) says that foreign scientists are concerned about the new variant of the corona, it is too early to panic in India. The occurrence of novel Covid-19 variants is not unusual. Regarding the new variant, the central government says that now there is no need to be afraid or panic.

How dangerous is the BA.2.75 sub-variant for India?

Omicron (Coronavirus Omicron variant) is the most dangerous variant and it rapidly infects people. However, a study of Omicron’s subtypes BA.2 and BA.2.75 (Omicron sub-variants BA.2.75) found it to have a limited spread in India. Experts say that due to the new variants in the country, the severity of the disease and the speed of infection have not been known so far.

The BA.2.75 variant can evade antibodies

Omicron sub-variant BA.2.75 has not led to an increase in infections in India, but despite this, experts have expressed concern about it, as it can infect people more quickly. could. Scientists say that the BA.2.75 sub-variant can also dodge the antibodies produced in the body after taking the vaccine to protect against the coronavirus.

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What will be the impact of the BA.2.75 variant in India?

Omicron’s sub-variant BA.2.75 (Omicron Sub-variant BA.2.75) has raised the concern of scientists in many countries, but its risk in India is low. Experts say that these are sub-variants of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, so their effect will be less visible in India. The reasoning behind this is that most of the people in the country already have strong immunity against Omicron and hence its sub-variants will also have less effect. Nevertheless, specialists caution consumers to use caution while dealing with these BA.2.75 variations.

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