Sunday, November 27, 2022

7th pay commission Lottery for central employees in the year 2023! These 3 big decisions will be sealed

7th Pay Commission Latest News: The new year is bringing much good news for central employees. In the year 2023, the government can give its consent on many major decisions. Employees will get the benefit of increased DA at the beginning of the new year. Apart from this, the government can take a decision on 3 major issues related to the employees.

The biggest advantage among these is regarding salary. The fitment factor has been a long-standing demand. In the year 2023, the government may make a decision on this. According to experts, the government can give the central government employees a present fitment factor before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. In addition, decisions can be made about the old pension plan and dearness allowance.

When will the fitment factor increase?

The largest gift ever will be given to central government employees in the next year. Next year, the first dearness allowance, HRA, TA, and fitment factor can also be discussed after promotion. According to sources, the government may directly consider raising the employees’ salaries by Rs. 8000. In actuality, strengthening the fitment factor will broaden the pool of government workers. At present, the employees get Rs 18000 as minimum pay under the 7th Pay Commission. The government can take a decision on this demand of central employees after the budget is presented on February 1, 2023, next year.

Dearness allowance will increase again in the new year

Every six months, the dearness allowance for central employees is reviewed. Dearness allowance is increased twice a year on the basis of AICPI data. This growth takes place in January and July. Like every year, there will be an increase in the dearness allowance of central employees in the year 2023 as well. Dearness Allowance for January 2023 will be announced before March. Looking at the figures of inflation so far, it seems that there may be a 4 percent DA hike next year as well. However, the AICPI index figures for October, November, and December are yet to come.

Will get the benefit of the old pension scheme!

The government can give the central personnel a sizable presence of their old pension next year. The old pension scheme can be implemented in the year 2023. In fact, it has been a long-standing demand of the employees that the old pension is implemented. Let us tell you that fulfilling the election promises, some states have also implemented the old pension. The Punjab cabinet has also approved it. In fact, for this, the Central Government had sought an opinion from the Law Ministry regarding the old pension scheme. If sources are to be believed, under the Seventh Pay Commission, the Modi government can implement it for central employees before the year 2024.

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