Monday, September 25, 2023

If old people eat the priciest rice in the world, they stay young! price is very high

You may believe that there is only one rice. Basmati rice that is grown in India is considered to be among the most expensive rice. However, there is rice that is grown in the summer heat and desert regions. Rice is also grown in such a place and you would not believe it.


It is believed that this rice that is grown

in the desert is extremely delicious and rich in nutrients. People across the world consume it with great excitement. It is grown in the desert and is cooked in extreme temperatures.


Let us reveal the name of this particular rice.

This type is known as Hasawai Rice. Also, it is grown at a temperature of 48 degrees Celsius and its roots need to be submerged in water for the entire time. It is grown throughout Saudi Arabia and the Sheikh people in the country love this kind extremely.


It is believed that when people of elderly age eat it.

They experience the same feeling as young people. If we think about the irrigation of this, then water is needed for 5 days in one week. It is comparable to the yield from Indian agriculture, however, it is a great deal of effort and care.


The planting process is carried out during the heat of summer,

and its harvest is towards the close of the year, in the months of November through December. The color is red. It is also known as red rice. It is also used for creating Biryani within Arabia.


Concerning its cost Hasawi rice costs 50 Saudi Riyal for a kilogram. 

If it’s converted into Indian rupees, the price would be anywhere from 1000-1100 rupees. However certain Hasavi can be of low quality that are sold for around 30-40 rupees (around Rs 800). With this sum, a person can buy a month’s food.

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