Monday, February 26, 2024

Major Changes On Instagram! users were upset at the new changes

Every now and again, Instagram gets new changes. The users were caught off guard by the fresh upgrade this time. Numerous users have reported that the icon for the Stories feature has suddenly grown enormous. After the app’s story icon unexpectedly grew larger, several users vented their frustration on social media.


Did Instagram receive a response

as to why the story icons are so large, one user tweeted. Another person complained that every time it receives an upgrade, the app gets worse.


Another user asked the person who increased

the size of the Instagram story symbols to reduce it once more. Additionally, today’s stream schedule is growing! Is it just me or has the Instagram story icon suddenly grown in size? a person on Twitter complained about the new icon size upgrade. It seems quite ugly. Why is it making modifications that are unnecessary?


Instagram, which is owned by Meta, is yet to respond

to the enlarged Story symbol. It’s possible that the modification is only a malfunction or that the business is testing a novel design. The social media app was down for more than an hour before coming back online in May.

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