Monday, February 26, 2024

These easy settings on Google Maps will prevent you from getting challan!

Not only is Google Maps a tremendously useful software for getting where you’re going faster, but it may also make driving more enjoyable if you own a car. This can assist you in avoiding overspeed fines in addition to making it easier for you to navigate to your destination.


Two main elements of Google Maps can assist you in avoiding speeding tickets:

Speedometer: If you drive beyond the posted speed limit, this feature will alert you and continue to display your speed.

The “Live Speed Limit” feature provides real-time speed limits for roadways. This can help you avoid going over the speed limit by keeping you aware of the places where they change. This function allows you to save yourself from spending thousands of rupees.


We’ll walk you through turning on

both of these capabilities if you want to use them while operating a vehicle. Take these actions to accomplish this:

1. Launch the Maps app on Google.
2. Press the icon for your profile.

3. Select Settings.
4. Select Navigation.
5. Select Driving from the menu.
6. Flip on the toggle for the speedometer.
7. Flip on the toggle for the Live Speed Limit.

After activating these features, you will receive a warning if you exceed the speed limit. This will guarantee safe driving and assist you in avoiding speeding tickets.

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