Wednesday, November 29, 2023

‘Remix’ on Reels New feature launched by Instagram

DELHI, NEW DELHI: Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, actively revealed an innovation called “Remix” for the app’s short video format on Thursday in India. Similar to TikTok’s Duets feature, which enables users to respond to or interact with other people’s video content while making their own, the feature is similar. In the month of June In India, TikTok was outlawed last year.

Facebook enabled Indian creators to share their Reels content on their Facebook pages, increasing visibility and reach. The aim was to increase Reels’ size.

The feature is mainly intended to make the platform more connected and less passive, allowing for more users to collaborate.

The screen splits into the original reel and the new one with the new functionality, and users can begin recording their remix. Users may adjust the volume of the original audio, their recorded audio, and add a voiceover after recording.

The Activity tab on Instagram allows users to monitor remixed content. “Since the launch of Reels last year, several features have been added to it. The recording time limit has been increased to 30 seconds, the countdown timer has been increased to 10 seconds when recording, and there are also ways to trim and erase clips from the timeline. The audio features have also been improved, with the ability to save audio clips, share audio pages, and check for popular songs,” Instagram said in a post.

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Since its launch in July of last year, Instagram Reels has gained popularity among brands in the fashion and lifestyle, beauty, personal care, food and beverage, and travel categories.

In India, videos account for more than a third of all posts on Instagram, with two of the top five songs most posted globally on Reels coming from Indian artists.

According to Instagram, Reels offers designers and brands a great opportunity to be discovered on dedicated surfaces, the Reels page, and the Explore area. Brands may partner with influencers to create content or create their own Reels content, which is common on Instagram and increases their chances of being noticed. Reels are currently available for download.

According to data recently released by the Indian government, Facebook has nearly twice the number of users in India (410 million) than Instagram (210 million).



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