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Cyber ​​Crime: Complaint in this way for any fraud, know the new helpline number

Who does not know about Cyber ​​Crime? Cyber ​​Criminals clear their hands on someone’s earnings in the days to come. These Criminals have many ways to steal people’s money. This type of fraud has made people live. Banks are constantly informing their customers with the help of messages and other platforms. You also need to take these things seriously. The Government of India has issued a new helpline number to complain about fraud related to online finance, including Internet banking.

What to do if it has been more than 24 hours of fraud?

– After being a victim of online fraud, the victim has to call the police helpline by the police officer. If it has been more than 24 hours of fraud, then the victim should file a formal complaint on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal. If the fraud occurred less than 24 hours, the operator will ask for details of the crime and the personal information of the victim to fill the form.

-When information reaches both the related financial institutions, a ticket is issued. This fraud transaction ticket appears on the dashboard of both the financial institution from which the money has been deducted (debited) and the financial institution where it has gone (credited).

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– The bank/wallet in which the ticket is given, has to check for the details of fraudulent transactions. If the money has gone out, then it gives information about the transaction in the portal and goes to another financial institution.

-If the fund is not there then it puts it on a temporary hold. The inflow of funds continues until the fund is put on hold or until it comes out of the digital ecosystem, including withdrawal from ATM, physical withdrawal, and utility.

For the

online fraud-related cases, the victim has to complain on dial 155260. Just like the 112 helpline number used to help the cyber fraud people immediately. In this way, help can also be obtained from this number in an emergency.



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