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You will not be a victim of fraud at a fuel station if you follow these simple rules: The perpetrators will be held accountable.

The cost of gasoline and diesel is steadily rising. The public’s back has been broken by rising prices. As a result, many incidents of petrol-related issues have surfaced at fuel station. Customers are scammed at the gas station since they are not supplied full gasoline. People are dealt a double whammy in such a situation. However, you can now avoid it.

For this, you simply need to pay attention to a few details while filling up at the fuel station. You can prevent becoming a victim of fraud if you are cautious. It is critical that clients remain vigilant in this regard.

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Keep in mind this

1. Check Meter

Pay attention to the meter before filling up with gasoline. Check the meter mounted in the machine first when it comes to petrol. You might get slammed if you don’t do this.

2. Verify the purity of the gasoline

You can also examine the quality of gasoline. Frequently, there are also reports of petrol being sold with incorrect fuel or adulteration. If you wish to test the purity of gasoline, drop a few drops on a piece of paper and check it. If the gasoline is pure, it will fly away with no stains. Stains will remain on the paper if this is not done. All gas pumps are required by the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 to have a filter paper test facility. As a result, you can readily verify it.

3. Will not be harmed by a lack of fuel.

Customers are occasionally the victims of inadequate fueling at the pump. If a customer orders 1000 or 2000 rupees worth of fuel or diesel, the worker on duty will stop after pouring 1500 rupees worth of oil. When asked again, he resumes pouring oil from the point where he had stopped. You might be duped in this scenario. This is referred to as “short fueling.” So, if this ever happens, remember to glance at the meter from the back.



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